Absolute Peace Drive

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Living the knowledge

Living does not include knowing; but knowing includes living. That’s why Swami Vivekanand says, ” Meditation is the most direct service.” ; also ” physical evolution stops with man, thereafter continues mental evolution.” ; also, ” Spiritual development is the only development.” ; Ramakrishna says, “Gyanider ei rakam karmatyag haye” (The Wise renounce  work thus). T.S. Eliot says, ” Where is the life we have lost in living. Whoever talks of wisdom, has it in some measure however little.” T.S.Eliot says, ” Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge / where is the knowledge we have lost in information.” We have swallowed enough time, twenty centuries to consciously re-move from dust to God. Knowledge is the only real living. Our saintly ancestors have talked of Brahmavid, Brahmavidwar, Brahmavidvariyan, Brahmavidbarishtha (Knowing God, Knowing God Better, Knowing God Much Better, Knowing God Best ) !!! When you know God Best, you become immortal. You know with certainty that you are bound to be there somewhere or other in some form or other (from the crudest to the subtlest), somewhere or other in the cosmos. Swami Vivekananda says, ” There is nothing called Time.” To know what Vivekananda has done you need another Vivekananda, said he himself. Don’t pack time with work; pack time with knowledge. The only Knowledge (kevalam gyana murtim). Be the embodiment of ONLY KNOWLEDGE. Be a Brahmavid. Be in Kaivlayasamadhi.

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KOSLI GITA -By Prakash Padhan

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Life for service

Hello, life is an opportunity,not a burden.It is an opportunity to serve people.Life,as it is seen in creepers and trees, in birds and beasts cannot be as useful as it is found in human beings. The idea of service should automatically be generated in human mind as the adults show their love for their children. They love their children and serve them thereby, for a human child is born and brought up from an absolutely helpless state. An active intelligent adult should at once feel grateful for their parents, who brought them up from such helpless state to the present solid personality. Family is the 1st circle in which a man moves where he can show his humanity in the best way possible. How could there be any indiscipline, corruption,criminal behavior on the part of any man who belongs to a disciplined family, where children are properly brought up. Should not we blamed the parents for the criminal behavior shown by their children. FAMILY IS THE WORLD; LET US TAKE CARE OF THE FAMILY; WORLD WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF. {Yogacharya JAYADEB DANSANA} Date-31 5 2012.

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We are materially nothing, spiritually everything,’ says Maharshi Aurobindo. How are we spiritually everything ? Let us work on it. In this Yantra (geometrical figure) called ‘Manifestation’ we find that ‘O’ is the POINT. This point is supposed to hve no length and breadth– thus it is niraakaar : if we go on enlarging it, it becomes a circle, bigger and bigger and ever bigger. We have also shown in Manifestation how the circles EFGH, ABCD, PQRS and LMJK were unmanifested in the centre O. So also, the right-angled isosceles triangles ADC, BDC, AOB, COB, DOC, AOD, ADB and ABC were unmanifested in the centre O; (we can name many more small right-angled isoscesles triangles such as ALS, ALP, BMP, BMQ, CJQ, CJR, DKR and DKS); we can name still such smaller figures. Besides, being a circle PQRS is also a rhombus; see, whether EFGH is also a rhombus ? : they were also unmanifested in the circle O. Such is also the case with trapeziums LMQS and JQSK. Unmanifested in the circle O also are Squares ABCD and LMJK; there are also small squares namely LPMO, MQJO, JRKO and KSLO (they were unmanifested in tne centre O). It is pertinent to point out that on the four sides of the Square ABCD have been drawn four Equilateral Triangles– ABE, BCF, CDG aand DAH: (they were also in unmanifested subtle form inside the CENTRE O.

And when manifested in all these different forms (and many yet innumerable unmanifested forms) where are the POINTS/CENTRES? They are not only on the lines or sides defining the different figures, but they permeat the whole figures. Thus, we find that THAT ONE CENTRE WHICH IS NIRAAKAAR (FORMLESS0 MANIFESTS HIMSELF/HERSELF/ITSELF AS ALL DIFFERENT FORMS.This one centre is BRAHMA who manifests Himself as limitless different forms.Verily, Swami Vivekananda says, ‘World is a play of unity in variety, and of variety in unity.’ And, the rule of the GREAT GAME is the scientific Cause-and-Effect Relationship. Swami Vivekananda himself says,’ Effect is the cause in another form.’ This solves the riddle of this CREATION– The universe/world is God’s affair, but everyone’s life is his/her/its own affair. The merciful great dispenser of justice gives every one what he deserves: life is eternal, it goes on and on. Some where or other, in some form or other, ( from the SUBTLEST to the CRUDEST), each one of us is bound to be there, in this infinite universe: the form changes according as we deserve it, undergoing pain, pleasure or bliss. Our UpaniSaD (Prashna) says, (presented in Sambalpuri/ Kosali) ‘ mana o indriyaJukTa jibaaTmaa manara s^kalpa Dwaaraa praaNare sThira hue’–‘The individual soul jointed with mind and senses settles down in life.’ It means -An individual gets a body, just as his mind desires. Thus to avoid birth (and its ensuing life and death) a mind has to stop desiring anything. This is the greatest saaDhanaa (spiritual practice): AananDamurTi Gurumaa says,’ You can know your true element only when you no longer exist.’ Hecce, practice non-existence. The great RamaNa Maharshi says,’ Birth is birth of ego; freedom is freedom from ego.’

Brahma (ParamaaTmaa) is the Centre whose circle is everywhere; and individual (JibaaTmaa) is the circle whose centre is the body.

Once you understand this relation of the WHOLE with its parts and go on realizing it, you go on enriching your personality and access BuDDha. Swami Vivekananda says, ‘ Each one of you can be a BuDDha’.


This CENTRE ‘O‘ is the centre of all other centres, THE CREATOR of all other creations, the SEED whose partial manifestation is this UNIVERS: this is THAT PRANABA OM, THE ORIGINAL SOUND which the physists designate BIGBANG, instantly from WHICH the ever-expanding universe started. Omkaar saaDhanaa is that penultimate japa yoga saaDhanaa which leads a saaDhaka to SAMAADHI, the experiencing void.

This OM is to be revered. Once you know that there is no realization, (you need to go on realizing)– go on realizing FREEDOM, and with it BLISS PEACE and TRUTH ( mukTi aananDa shaanTi saTya ). In tymnastic yoga we finish a yoga practice session with ‘ siDDha manTrare shaanTi paath’ (saanTipaath in siDDha manTra) : In this the tymnastic yoga practitioner, after taking a steady posture in paDmaasana, or sukhaasana, while imagining of making a TEMPLE of his body UTTERS :

  1. shuunya shuunya shuunya shuunya (4 times), as he gesticulates by movig his right hand (first) from left thigh to left knee, (second) from left knee to right knee, (third) from right knee to right thigh, and (fourth) from right thigh to left thigh : this is the FOUNDATION of the TEMPLE.
  2. PuruSaarTh puruSaarTh puruSaarTha puruSaarTha {4 times), with the aforesaid gesticulation : FOUNDATION.
  3. MukTi aananDa shaanTi saTya (4 times), with the same aforesaid gesticulation: FOUNDATION.
  4. AananDa shaanTi saTya (4 times), as the saaDhaka gesticulates by moving his right hand (first) from right knee to left knee, (second) from left knee to chin, and (third) from chin to right knee. (It is a clockwise movement of the right hand.) : the BODY of the TEMPLE.
  5. shaanTi saTya (4 times), as the saaDhaka gesticulates moving his right hand in clockwise motion (first) from chin upward beside the left ear to the crown, and (second) from crown downward beside right ear to the chin: HEAD of the TEMPLE.
  6. SaTya (4 times), as the saaDhaka gesticulates raising his right hand from his crown upward in spurts : he imagines fixing a gistening rod to which is unfurled the banner of PERFECTION.

  7. ( Mahaa-M*Tyunjaya-ManTra 4 times ) – While in namaskaara mudraa of jointed palms

    (First), looking Straight, (Second), looking to the Right ,

    (Third), bending the head Backward, as if looking back, (Fourth), looking to the Left. (Fifth), raising both the hands upward in chaiTanya mudraa,

    Om Tryambakam yayaamahe SuganDhi^ puSThi warDhanam Urwaarukamiwa banDhanaaT

    M*TyormukSiya Maam*TyaaT.

    Om shaanTih shaanTih shaanThi.

    Om shaanTih shaanTih shaanThi.

    Once you start realisizing NOW-HERE the mission of your life’s sojourn as mukTi-aananDa-shaanTi-saTya (Freedom-Bliss-Peace-Truth), you need to go on expanding your social self. The best way to utilize your Time (which is your Life) is to practise Tadit ManTra swaasha Yoga / Tymnistics as ALL LIFE IS YOGA , and teach it to as many indiduals, and institutions as possible. By this practice a tymnnasiast, or tymnast simultaneously takes care of 1.Education 2.Health 3.Service and 4. Development of Personality.(Tymnasiast and Tymnasts are parallel expressions to Gymnasiast and Gymnast: only, in Tymnasium the goal of yoga-practice is Total Health Care/ THC– physical, mental, social and spiritual)


  1. OMKAARA SAADHANAATake any dhyaana (meditative) posture, and utter the following sloka of Manu Mahaaraaj 4 times :

    ekaakSar^ par^ Brahma

    praaNaayaam: par^ Tap:

    saawiTryaasTu pam^ naasTi

    mounaaT saTya^ bishiSyate.

    (That Supreme Letter/ OM is One and Indestructible

    PraaNaayaam is the Supreme spiritual practice

    SaabiTri /GaayaTri is the Supreme ManTra

    SaTya is Superior to Silence.)

    1. OM : That NIRAAKAARA OM is always becoming SARBAAKAARA, even as the POINT is becoming ALL-FIGURES.

    2. PraaNaayaama is stretching of breath. On the importance of PraNaayaama Julien Huxley says,’ The western scientists should learn the eastern technique of controlling breath and entering trance.’ This ‘entering trance’ is ‘Kundalini JaagaraNa’, or ‘Raising the Kundilini’, which ‘is the complete object of Raja Yoga’ (Swami Vivekananda). This is the ultimate goal of human birth, the aim of Param Shaanti Abhiyaan/ Absolute Peace Drive (APD).

    3. SaabiTri ManTra is originally repeated in Gaayatri ChhanDa; hence it is popularly known as GaayaTri ManTra: this is said to be the greatest ManTra, as it sharpens the intelligence, through which alone can a man get Param Mukti-AananDa-ShaanTi-SaTya (Absolute Freedom-Bliss-Peace-Truth)

    4. Mouna is void or silence. The goal of spiritual practice is to lead the mind from “titillation of nerves” to “calming of nerves”.The efficacy of a yoga system is judged by this. Yet only attaining this Silence/Void/SamaaDhi/Truth is not the end of human birth: this TRUTH is to be spread amongst people: hence the IMPORTANCE OF SATSANG.

    TadiT ManTra Shwaasa Yoga lays great stress on this Omkaar saaDhanaa. A saaDhaka (practitioner), while practising Sanyama (that is,DhaaraNa + Dhyaana + SaamaaDhi), is made conscious to watch carefully how his mind is gradually slackening, and moving stage by stage from (1) Ekashwaasi GaayaTri Baikhaari Japa to (2) Ekashwaasi GaayaTri Bhraamari Japa to (3) Gambhir Omkaar Japa to (4) SamaaDhi.

    Mark, how exactly,Ramakrisna Paramhansa points out on this mechanism of japa, in the following four lines which have been woven by TMS yoga into a very potent ManTra called RAMAKRISNA MANTRA.

    SanDhyaaDi GaayaTrite lay hay

    GaayaTri PrNabe lay hay

    PraNaba samaaDhite lay hay

    GyaaniDer ei rakam karmaTyaag hai.

    With utmost consciousness keep up the practice of sinking into unconsciousness, as you go to sleep with Gambhir Omkaar Japa. This is the advice given in Bhagabat Geeta 8/11-13, on the importance of OM and its Practice throughout life. Underscore the pertinent awareness-builder of Swami Vivekananda,’ A fool goes to sound sleep, and returns a fool; a fool goes to samaadhi, and returns a sage.’ Clearly differentiate between ‘sound sleep’ which is purely physical, and ‘Omkaar-induced-sleep’ which is definitely spiritual

    OMKAAR BANDANAA: sing on DaaDraa

tero naama omakaara (3 times) !0!

tu sata chiTa aananDa tu hi (2 times)

tu apaara (2 times)

niraakaara nirbikaara (2 times )

tero naama omakaara (3 times) !1!

tu hi Brahmaa, tu hi BiSnu (2 times)

tu apaara (2 times)

niraakaara nirbikaara (2 times )

tero naama omakaara (3 times) !2!

tu hi gagana, tu hi pabana (2 times)

tu apaara (2 times)

niraakaara nirbikaar (2 times )

tero naama omakaara (3 times) !3!

tu sata chiTa aananDa tu hi (2 times)

tu apaara (2 times)

niraakaara nirbikaar (2 times )

tero naama omakaara (3 times) !0!

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